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Melodia Women’s Choir raises soprano and alto voices in New York City
by Cynthia L. Cooper for Vocal Area Network
Posted January 16, 2004

MelodiaSitting as an observer in the audience of a concert during a choral convention in New York City last year, Jennifer Clarke found herself mesmerized by a group of singers that performed exquisitely with soprano and alto voices. A dedicated choral singer since childhood, Clarke appreciated the richness of classical works. But her opportunities to sing music written for treble voices were rare, usually limited to a single selection in a concert or two. And, unfortunately, joining the choral group onstage, Elektra, seemed highly unlikely: the choir is located in western Canada, and Clarke lives in New York. But the vision of a women's choir soon resulted in Melodia Women's Choir of NYC, a choral group that Clarke founded as a nonprofit organization in late summer 2003 to perform classical music for women's voices to a high standard of excellence.

In December, the board of Melodia, with Clarke as its president, appointed Cynthia Powell as Choral Director. Powell has a powerful and wide-ranging choral resume. She is currently the Music Director and Organist of Christ Church in Ridgewood, the Organist/Choirmaster