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The Young New Yorkers’ Chorus: A Choir to Inspire
by Adithya Raghunathan for Vocal Area Network
Posted November 18, 2002

Nathan DavisEvery year thousands of young people come to New York City seeking their future. Many come primarily to fulfill their career aspirations. But they also come for the other things that New York has to offer: a diverse learning environment, a challenging pace and a vibrant cultural life. Nathan Davis, a young conductor who recently moved here too, wanted to help young adults participate in that cultural life and make a difference with music. Having observed a serious shortage of musical organizations for young people, Davis founded the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus (YNYC), a chamber choir for amateur, student and professional musicians ages 20 to 30 living in New York City. Since its creation in early 2001, YNYC has been steadily growing and will offer its fourth concert program at 8 PM on Saturday, November 23rd at the Church of the Holy Trinity, 213 West 82nd Street.

Despite YNYC’s steady growth, Davis wasn’t always sure he was on the right track. New York’s cultural bounty can, ironically, make it difficult for a new group to establish itself. His concerns: Could choral music really make a difference in the New York community? Could the younger generation create a new brand of choir, both inspiring in artistic vision and satisfying socially? If given the chance, would young professionals escape Manhattan’s rat race