A win for the choral world
by Vanessa Hylande for Vocal Area Network
Posted June 9, 2012

KhorikosKhorikos is a New York City-based a cappella ensemble that has been bringing audiences progressive performances of choral works ranging from medieval polyphony to contemporary sound sculpture since 2005. On June 1, Khorikos competed in the Battle of the Boroughs at WNYC/WQXR's The Jerome L. Greene Space in order to represent Manhattan. Up against 13 bands ranging from rock to afro beat, Khorikos has made it to top five and is now competing to represent in Manhattan in the finals.

Says singer and organization CEO Vanessa Hylande, "It would be great for the sake of classical music everywhere for a group like Khorikos to win. We've been hearing so much about the death of classical music, slumping ticket sales and bankrupt symphonies with empty concert halls, but this battle is proof that people do love this music! We made it this far singing Renaissance music by Josquin; just wait to hear what we will bring you at the finals!"

A pioneer in multi-disciplinary projects, Khorikos regularly incorporates both film and dance into its programming, and uses media widely. What sets Khorikos apart form other ensembles is its unique approach to programming and performance, and its vision to bring "classical" music back into the mainstream. Aside from presenting medieval and Renaissance music, Khorikos regularly premieres works by living composers and has composers within its own ensemble. It's an inspirational group that encourages its members to conduct and to become whole musicians, not just singers.

The winner of the battle from all five boroughs will get the opportunity to perform a full-length concert at the Greene Space this summer. If you love classical music and want to support the mission of Khorikos, go vote at www.thegreenespace.org/articles/thegreenespace/2012/jun/04/top-voted-acts-battle-boroughs-manhattan/?utm_source=local&utm_media=treatment&utm_campaign=carousel&utm_content=item0, or text MN8 to 69866. You'll find more info on Khorikos at www.Khorikos.com and www.facebook.com/Khorikosmusic.

Vanessa Hylande is the CEO of Dorian Artists and a singer with Khorikos.
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